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Treatment for Wrinkles and Lines

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Injection for Dynamic Wrinkle Lines

Having forehead lines, frown lines or crow’s feet? Do you hate your bunny lines or lipstick lines? Even pebbly chins can be solved.*

Forehead lines are caused by the action of the frontalis muscle, frown lines by the proteus and corrugator muscles and crow’s feet by the orbcularis oculi muscle. These dynamic wrinkles are caused by frequent skin creasing from the contraction and relaxation of active muscles.

In other words, wrinkles are caused by the movement of facial muscles over a period of time. The facial expression on our face causes pleating, creasing and folding of our facial skin. After years of similar facial movement in the same areas, the commonly moved facial line become wrinkles. Think of your facial skin as a piece of cloth, if the cloth is ironed over and over again along the same line, a permanent line or pleat will form. This is a wrinkle.

Wrinkles are usually found in between the eyebrows (also known as frown lines), forehead lines, lines along the cheeks (known as laugh lines), and near the corner of the eye (known as crow’s feet).

Wrinkles can be done away (at least for a time) easily*, with just a few injections into these active muscles. It acts by relaxing these facial muscles which are overworking to produce repeated skin creasing; once they are relaxed, they do not cause wrinkling of the skin anymore until the effect of btx wears off.* Each treatment can last up to 4-6 months before a top up injection is required.*

Improvement from wrinkles can be seen within approximately 5 days.*

It is a Myth that wrinkles, if left alone will go away. It will not, and will only get worse as the facial muscles which are creasing and folding that area of the facial skin will still be creasing and folding the skin, making the wrinkles worse. The Reality is that for wrinkles to go away, that facial muscle which is causing the wrinkle must stop folding and/or creasing that part of the facial skin. This treatment will temporarily stop the muscle from repeatedly creasing the facial skin.*

Just one session of wrinkle reduction treatment will last for approximately 4-6 months – meaning that the muscles won’t be creasing or folding your facial skin for the next 4-6 months.* If a series of wrinkle reduction treatment is done continuously every 4-6 months, the effect of each session may last longer, even beyond 6 months in a handful of people.*

As discussed above, think of your facial skin as a piece of cloth, if the cloth is ironed over and over again along the same line, a permanent line or pleat will form. This is a wrinkle. So if you stop ironing the piece of cloth along the same line, the pleat will get undone. The longer you stop ironing, the fainter the pleat on the cloth will be. The same principle applies for wrinkles.

Bunny lines are the creases around the nose bridge and bleeding lipstick lines abut the vermillion border of the lips, caused by the action of orbicularis ori muscle. Pebbly chins, also associated with mental creasing, are caused by the mentalis muscle on the chin. These muscles can also be relaxed by injection to reduce wrinkling.*

*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Possible side effects

These injections are skin deep, so side effects are usually of a superficial nature and highly transient. Needle marks and wheals only last for a few hours. Once they go away, there may not even be any sign of a recent treatment done. Occasionally, a bruise may occur over an injection site that disappears in a few days. You should abstain from lying down or massaging the areas of injections for 4 hours after a treatment session.


Facial Fillers & Facial Laser Treatments for Static Wrinkle Lines

This treatment mainly helps dynamic lines, i.e. wrinkling of the skin with facial muscle movement during smiling and frowning. It may soften permanent lines by preventing further creasing*, but has little or no effect in removing these permanently formed wrinkle lines.

For permanent lines that form as a result of years of wrinkling from facial muscle movement, removal can be achieved with facial filler injection, facial laser treatment or both.* A soft facial filler, usually hyaluronic acid, is injected right underneath the lines to plump up the skin and prevent it from creasing further.* Resurfacing facial laser treatments and Thermage can help in remodelling and new collagen production over treated areas, thereby softening and reducing the lines.*

*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Possible side effects

Facial filler injections may cause some bruising over injected areas occasionally. Resurfacing treatments may have a downtime of redness and peeling for up to 1 week. Makeup application and sun exposure should be avoided in that period.

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