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Skin rejuvenation

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Do you have large gaping pores that you want to get rid of? Feel frustrated because your make-up cannot cover the large pores on your face? We have the treatment right here for you.*

Pores are openings in the skin, formed by the pilosebaceous (hair and sebum gland) unit, which also produces sweat onto the skin. They can become enlarged in the following circumstances:

1. Accumulation of sebum and debris within pores, and

2. Loss of supporting collagen and water in the skin

Enlarged pores can be made smaller by:

1. Removing the debris that clogs the pores; and*

2. Improving collagen production and hydration around the pores*

In our Large Pores Removal Package, we have combined a series of treatments that help to improve pores over time. This consists of sessions of Carbon Laser Peels and sessions of Fractional Laser Resurfacing of the skin.

Our carbon facial lotion penetrates into the pores and allows the Laser to zap the pores shut during treatment. This treatment helps by making the inner walls of the pores reduce in size, and at the same time stimulating collagen production of the skin.* Excessive sebum and dead skin are also exfoliated from the skin via the laser energy.*

In addition, fractional resurfacing improves collagen production in the skin so that the pores are shallower and smaller with each treatment.* These treatments are medically effective and results may be visible in 2-6 months (it takes time to produce new collagen to improve the appearance of pores).* Maintenance treatment is thereafter recommended every 6 months.

It is a myth that large pore size cannot shrink effectively. The Reality is that with medical Lasers, it is possible to minimise one’s pore size significantly.*

For pores that are severely clogged, we recommend a session of salicylic acid peel 1 day before laser treatment.

*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Pore Removal Treatment SGD 1480 for 4 sessions

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