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About Dr Tiffiny Yang


150829Dr. Tiffiny Yang graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery degree and also obtained a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine.

Apart from being certified with the American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine (AAAM) Graduate Diploma, Dr. Tiffiny Yang also attained certification by Ministry of Health accredited bodies under the Singapore Medical Council’s Aesthetics Dermatology Education Group for BTX for Aesthetic Application, Facial Fillers (i.e. Nose fillers, Cheek Fillers Wrinkle Fillers etc.), Lasers for pigmentation, scar treatment and resurfacing, hair removal and skin rejuvenation, IPL for skin pigmentation, hair removal and skin rejuvenation and Chemical Peels.

Before she founded Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery, Dr Tiffiny Yang practiced medicine and surgery in the restructured hospitals before joining International Medical Group, a medical practice which focuses primarily on medical aesthetics and surgery, where she spent many years in training. In addition, Dr. Tiffiny Yang also attended the Minimally Invasive Facial Aesthetics Surgery Conference and learnt extensively from a prominent Japanese Plastic Surgeon. She has also become a trainer for certain courses in the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Tiffiny Yang can converse fluently in English, Mandarin and Japanese.

She has many years of medical aesthetics experience, and had personally administered BTX, facial fillers, medical lasers and various surgical procedures to countless of patients. Dr. Tiffiny’s practice centers heavily on her trademarked “1 Point V-face™“. She has also been known to successfully treat facial pigmentation, and performs minimally invasive, non-surgical facial slimming and nose augmentations very frequently.

Dr. Tiffiny Yang also holds the title of “Mrs Singapore Universe 2010” and strongly believes in the maxim “Beauty Empowers”. In addition, Dr. Tiffiny Yang had also been interviewed and featured by FHM Singapore extensively on a number of occasions. She was featured in a full 5 page spread in FHM Singapore’s September 2015 issue – “Beyond Beauty“, and also in countless of columns in various issues of FHM Singapore. She also appeared in a full 8 page spread in FHM Chinese International November 2016 issue.

As a beauty queen and FHM Model, Dr. Tiffiny Yang is the definitive authority on what makes a woman ravishing and a man charming. Attesting to her keen eye for beauty and a strong passion to help every woman (and every man) be the most gorgeous that she/he can be, Dr Tiffiny Yang has also appeared as one of the judges for FHM Girl-Next-Door 2015 as well as for prestigious beauty pageants such as Miss Lumiere Singapore 2017. She believes that beauty is not altering a person’s features entirely, but to enhance what nature has given and improving inner confidence that then shines from the face.

As a qualified medical doctor, Dr. Tiffiny Yang practices evidence-based Medicine and only perform aesthetics procedures that are proven and effective, with visible results.

Apart from her constant research on the latest update in aesthetics medicine, Dr. Tiffiny Yang takes blogging and part-time modeling as her hobbies. Visit her blog to read more about her.

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