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Neck Lines

beautiful neck

Having neck lines? Your neck also gives away signs of your age and is the most telling, next to your hands. On top of looking after your face, having a beautiful neck also counts towards maintaining a youthful appearance.*

Our recommendation for treating neck lines safely and effectively*:

  1. Thermage neck for skin tightening
  2. Dermal filler treatment of neck lines
  3. Btx skin tightening of neck lines

How does Thermage help neck lines?

Thermage is an effective skin tightening treatment using the US FDA approved machine device to iron out wrinkles and fine lines. It is the best treatment available for improvement of skin texture and reducing static wrinkles.*

Neck lines are formed when the skin on the neck becomes loose and there is frequent creasing at certain flexure lines. This can be partially reversed with skin tightening treatments such as Thermage which irons out the wrinkled skin texture.*

You may read more about it here: http://www.tiffinyyangclinic.com/thermage/

How does dermal filler help neck lines?

Neck lines are static lines formed by frequent creasing of the skin at neck flexure lines. Dermal fillers are known to be the best treatment for static wrinkles by filling up the depressed wrinkle lines.* Although a few injections may be required, it is still relatively painless due to the very fine needles used only superficially.

How does dermal Btx help neck lines?

This is a complementary treatment to the above two treatments and should not be done on its own due to the lesser effect it is expected to give. Dermal Btx can also help in skin tightening to a certain extent and therefore, may reduce neck lines when it is performed around these neck lines.*

Package Price (all 3 treatments included) SGD 3280

You may also do the treatments separately at a la carte price.

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