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Hand Restoration by Skin Boosters

Having dry, wrinkled hands are a dead giveaway of age, even with a youthful looking face. Restore your hands today with our Skin Boosters treatment to restore your hands to the fullness of youth once again.*

Hyaluronic acid, being hydrophilic in nature, has been known to attract a lot of moisture. However, it does not last more than a few hours when applied as a face cream. There is also little or no penetration of the product, which makes it ineffective. There has to be a better way to prolong the intense hydrating effect that hyaluronic acid has on your skin.

There is now, with Skin Boosters by Rstylene Vital Light, which is able to retain huge amounts of moisture deep to the skin when placed superficially, just below your skin surface, where it is most needed. This filler is very soft and rich in hyaluronic acid and is placed just below the surface of your skin by micro-injections , where it can act best by attracting water for hydration and improving collagen production. Results can be seen as instant improvement in skin texture, reduction in fine lines and improved glow.* The treatment results can last 6 months to 1 year. This treatment is best used for the face or hands.

To improve results further, a special solution, rich in vitamin C or growth factors, is applied right after the procedure to enhance the hydrating effect of the treatment. This is also an indispensable step as it replaces lost nutrients from your skin and provides the much needed ingredients for new collagen production and renewal of forever youthful skin. Growth factors are now known to be the cutting edge ingredient in anti-aging medicine– they are responsible for the production of new collagen and restoring youth to aging skin, so what better news than that they now come in a bottle.

Therefore, if you want to turn back the clock of age and wrinkles, there is now no better way to seek it than this.*

*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Side Effects

As the procedure is done with multiple small injections on the back of the hands, some bruising and swelling may be seen for 1 week. As these are very tiny injections, any pain is easily managed with topical numbing cream before the procedure. It does not affect the function of your hands at all.

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