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Face Slimming: Non-surgical Square Jaw Reduction


This picture is not reflective of any results of treatments at our clinic. It is not a picture of our patients.

This picture is not reflective of any results of treatments at our clinic. It is not a picture of our patients.

Desiring to slim your face and have a V shaped face? This non surgical jaw reduction procedure will help you accomplish that.*

If you have a face shape that looks too big at the jaws, it is possible that you have big masseter muscles that is causing your face to look rounder, bigger or too square. You can slim the jawline with a simple injection of Btx (or other neuromodulators) on each side of the jaw. This is face slimming procedure is popularly known as the non surgical square jaw reduction procedure, or the Btx square jaw reduction procedure.*

The masseters are two bulky muscles on each side of the angle of your jaw. They serve as muscles of mastication, which means they help you chew. There are two other muscle groups that also perform this function, namely the temporalis muscles and the pterygoid muscles.*

Sometimes, big jaws are caused by habitual or subconscious grinding of teeth. With excessive chewing or grinding (in a condition known as bruxism), the masseters at the jawline can grow to quite a size (causing the jaws to look square), much like how body builders grow their abs and pects by training them. Relaxing the muscles by injecting Btx is effective in shrinking the jawline, thereby reducing the square jaw appearance.*

Do you have a problem with grinding teeth causing bigger jaws? Read more about it here.

It is a myth that to achieve face slimming with square jaws, invasive surgery (such as cutting the jaw bone) is necessary. The reality is that there is a safe and effective non-surgical / non-invasive method to achieve square jaw reduction / face slimming.*

In addition, after the reduction of one’s Square Jaw, or with face slimming, you can proceed to contour your face and make it the desired V shape. Click here to see our non-surgical V-Shape face contouring.*

How is it done?

Btx is injected into the masseters on each side of the face and spread out at multiple points within the muscle to produce jaw reduction results. With Dr. Tiffiny Yang’s proprietary 1 point btx jaw reduction technique, it only takes one single skin injection per side of jaw to reach 5 points within the muscle and is completed in under 5 minutes. It is highly effective, with minimal or no pain and absolutely no downtime at all.* The jaw reduction procedure is a non surgical procedure. Face slimming and jaw reduction effect is seen at any time between 2 to 8 weeks.*

Our experience with the non surgical Jaw Reduction treatment / Face slimming treatment has been that almost all our patients see a noticeable reduction in their square jaw after 2 to 8 weeks.*

What is so special about Dr. Tiffiny’s BTOX face slimming treatment?

Current administration of btx to reduce one’s jaw line (square jaw reduction) will usually involve approximately 3-6 injection points on each side of the face. For many patients, 3 to 6 jabs on each side on the face can be a very frightening thought. Dr. Tiffiny has mastered an innovative technique which only requires 1 skin injection point on each side of the face to reach 5 different points within the muscle. The results of Dr. Tiffiny’s technique is exactly the same as the conventional 3 to 6 point injection technique because it also reaches the same number of points in just a single painless skin injection.*

Possible side effects

With Dr. Tiffiny Yang’s proprietary technique, you will almost always walk out with no swelling or bruising, perhaps with just one tiny needle mark.* In the first week, there may be a slight dull ache over the muscles, especially with chewing. This should be transient and resolve within a week. You should abstain from massaging the muscles and from lying down, for 4 hours after the procedure. This technique has a great advantage in reducing risks to almost negligible, since it is only 1 skin injection point within a good safety margin.*

Rest be assured, although the results of the btx face slimming or non surgical square jaw reduction is clearly visible, the treatment will not radically change your facial appearance or make you look as if you “had work done”.* The face slimming or non surgical square jaw reduction gives your appearance a subtle shift, to make it look as though as you had merely lost weight or baby fats from your face.* It looks natural and never “over-done”.*

*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Btx Face Slimming Price from SGD 400 onwards

New and Revised Schedule available! SGD 1425, inclusive of the following:

  • 60 units for first visit
  • 50 units for second visit within 3 months
  • 40 units within 6-8 months.

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FAQs about Non-surgical Jaw Reduction by Btx

Will my skin sag after non-surgical jaw reduction by Btx?

No. The difference in jaw slimming is visible but not so great as to cause excess skin, such that it sags. As mentioned, it’s a natural looking effect, unlike surgical jaw reduction where people will most likely be able to tell.*

When I do non-surgical jaw reduction by Btx, will I become addicted to the procedure?

Only if you’re addicted to looking better than before. The procedure itself does not produce any form of dependence or tolerance to btx. If you are satisfied with the results or decide not to continue with it, you do not have to repeat the procedure any more than you so wish.*

Does the effect of non-surgical jaw reduction by Btx become permanent after a while?

This is a question that is still under major debate. Some believe that with prolonged weakening and atrophy of the masseter muscles, it becomes difficult to build it up again, so that the effect becomes more permanent. There may even be bone remodelling of the jaw due to changes in muscle action on the angles of the jaw. However, this effect is at best variable and uncertain. If you are keen to upkeep your beautiful V-shape face, it is still a good idea to maintain it with sufficient doses at regular intervals, depending on your doctor’s prescription.*

I did the non-surgical jaw reduction by Btx. Why do I not see the result?

If you do not see the results from your recent non-surgical jaw reduction by Btx, here’s a checklist to find out why:

1. Was it a reliable treatment? This may seem rather common sense, but it is important to know that your treating personnel is licensed and trained to perform this procedure, as well as use approved brands of botulinum toxin. At the date of this article, 3 brands of botulinum toxin: Btx, Dysprt and X’min are FDA (USA) and HSA (Singapore) approved. No unlicensed spa or beautician should be doing this procedure for you.*

2. Has it been 2 months since your non-surgical jaw reduction by Btx? Results are not instantaneous. It takes an average of 2-8 weeks to see good results.*

3. Was the dose of botulinum toxin enough? Low doses effect small changes, so that you are unable to tell the difference. Perhaps you need to check how much botulinum toxin was used and whether you need a top up.*

4. Is the reason for treatment correct? There are 4 reasons to not having a slim face: big bone, fat under the skin, buccal fat pad on the cheeks and masseter muscles at the angles of the jaws. Non-surgical jaw reduction by Btx only resolves the last one. You need other procedures to treat the other 3 causes. Occasionally, it is more than one reason. The doctor can tell you which is your real problem and recommend accordingly.*

5. Do you have antibodies to the botulinum toxin? This is very rare but possible. If you have antibodies to the botulinum toxin, the injected Btx will have been removed by the body and rendered ineffective at the point of injection. In that case, consider other forms of treatments. You may also consider trying Xeomin which is less antibody-inducing than the rest.*

Skin Tightening for Face Slimming

You may also consider slimming the face by skin tightening (such as Thermage, Hironic) or skin lifting by threadlift which corrects droopy skin. Excess droopy skin can make the face look boxier and more square than it actually is. By tightening such excess skin, you can therefore achieve a much slimmer looking face without surgery.* Read more about our threadlift treatment here. Read more about our Thermage face slimming treatment here.

*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

This article was written and produced by Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery

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