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Dark Eye Circles and Eyebags Removal

Undereye rejuvenation

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Permanent Removal of Dark Eye Circles now through our clinically proven non-invasive & non-surgical medical procedure.

This is our personal favourite because we know that under-eye / dark-eye circles are unsightly, but so hard to get rid of. Let us help you. We have the experience and the medical expertise to remove your dark-eye / under-eye circle.*

What are Under Eye Circles?

Undereye circles are a result of a myriad of factors that add up to form the dark rings under the eyes.

First and foremost, there are many capillary vessels around the eyes that give the skin a dark purplish colour. Thereafter, with sluggish flow in blood circulation, hemosiderin deposits may increase and at the same time, pigmentation under the eye can increase. This happens when you are tired or sleepy and especially if you smoke. Exercise and regular eye massages may help, as well as eye creams containing Vitamin K.

Thirdly, thinning of the skin around the eyes exacerbates the problem, as the pigmentation underneath the skin and the color of underlying muscles is not well camouflaged, becoming more apparent. This happens especially with age, poor skincare around the eyes or frequent rubbing due to dry and itchy eyes or during removal of eye makeup. Eye creams that build up collagen can help this but it is not the only solution.

If you have hollowing under your eyes or bulging eye bags, especially with loss of fat as age catches on, dark eye circles may seem especially prominent due to the shadows cast on the sunken areas of the eyes. Undereye filler (or tear trough filler) provides immediate solution to that problem.*

Our Available Treatments

Combining our Tiffiny Yang Skincare Tiffiny’s Secret Eye Cream (containing lightening agents targeted at dark eye circles, as well as collagen stimulating agents) at SGD 98 nett with our Undereye Laser treatment sessions from only SGD 250 per session, we can battle those dark eye rings, undereye wrinkles and loose skin with you.*

For a quick fix, you may also consider undereye filler (or tear trough filler) to improve the under eye areas so as to hide those dark eye circles or reverse sunken eyes. Undereye Filler is SGD 680.

If your problem is with eyebags, they also can and should be treated.* Eyebags are caused by 2 possible factors: 1. excessive bulging fat under the eyes and 2. bigger undereye muscles. Surgical eyebag removal and/or non-invasive injection with medications to the eyebags can remove eyebags once and for all.* Undereye filler or other injection treatments can also improve the appearance of some eyebags as a non-surgical option.*

If you have loose skin or fine lines under your eyes, we offer a myriad of treatments to solve the problem, using a combination of Ultra V Threadlift from SGD 600 and Thermage (Eye area) from SGD 1500 and Undereye Filler from SGD 680. The Ultra V threadlift is a method using firming threads which are placed just under the skin to firm up the undereye area so as to reduce loose skin, eyebags and fine lines.* Thermage is highly effective for reducing fine lines around the eye areas.* Direct treatment with filler certainly reduces deep wrinkles if you want a sure result.*

We also offer low downtime scarless eyebag removal surgery for big eyebags that cannot be helped with the above options.

In other words, we are the one stop solution experts for treating all your undereye woes!

And you can believe us since we offer all the options for a good solution to your eyebags, we will certainly recommend the most suitable one for your needs. So come visit us today to explore the various options available and to find the right and suitable solution for your undereye dark circles and/or eyebags, as recommended and analysed by our doctors.

*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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