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Acne Scars – Removal by Laser or INFINI Microneedling

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Suffering from acne / pimple scars that are making your complexion pitted and uneven? Feeling self-conscious of your appearance and unable to look at others in the eye because you’re afraid of what they might think of you? Its time to stop feeling defeated, devastated or depressed.

You don’t have to live with it anymore– there are ways to improve your appearance now.*

There are basically 5 types of acne scars:

  1. atrophic acne scars (mostly shallow),
  2. boxcar acne scars and
  3. icepick acne scars (deep and narrow)
  4. rolling acne scars
  5. valley scars
  6. hypertrophic scars

What are some effective treatments for acne scars? Well, besides treating active acne and preventing further outbreaks that will create more acne scars, here are some possible solutions to smoothen out those unfortunate pockmarks on your face, ranging from subcission to laser resurfacing, as well as acne control treatment to keep those zits in check.*


This requires manual separation of the skin from the deeper layers of the scars with a needle. The manual needling underneath the acne scars release scar tethering. It causes a little bleeding under the skin that allows the scar to then heal and level out, effecting remodelling of scars.* Bruising is common after this procedure.

Price from SGD 400-600

Laser resurfacing – Fractional CO2

Ablative laser essentially shears off the top layer of the skin and heats it up so that it can re-heal into a smoother texture.* However, there is a higher risk with full ablative laser treatment. A less invasive and safer method: fractional resurfacing laser, which covers only 20% – 50% of the same treated area and therefore also has only 20% of the downtime and complications… and achieves good results too, even from the first session.* Usually around 5 to 10 sessions may be required.

5 sessions for SGD 2000 (SGD 400/session only)

Chemical peels including TCA peel

Essentially, this also aims to exfoliate the acne scars on the surface and/or excite new healing in the deeper layers, depending on the type of chemical peel used, thereby remodelling the acne scars. TCA is a medium depth peel that is particularly suitable to help smoothen acne scars, even resistant ones.*

Price from SGD 250-320

Dermabrasion / microdermabrasion

Similar to chemical peels, except that it employs physical exfoliation. Dermabrasion may have excessive downtime so we recommend microdermabrasion instead, incorporated in our TY Microdermabrasion Facial for SGD 280 per session only.

Punch excision

At the very worst, stubborn acne scars may be removed surgically… but of course, this may lead to another scar and is a method reserved for the most unrepentant scars. We do not routinely recommend this treatment due to the possibility of further scarring after excision. (Currently not available in our clinic.)

Injection Medication

This is only suitable for raised or hypertrophic scars. It is effective in softening and flattening them, so that they are leveled with the skin.* Thereafter, laser treatment can help to improve them further.*

Price from SGD 80

Acne Scar Filler

Filler can be used to fill out depressed acne scars and level them out with the skin.* It is only a temporary treatment and suitable for certain scars only. We use Restylane Vital Light as acne scar filler from SGD 400-680.

It is a myth that filler for acne scars lasts strictly 6 months only and is afterwards entirely resorbed. It is expected to last about 6 months in the body but recent few studies have also shown that it assists in the production of some collagen that gives acne scars more lasting improvement.*


The dermaroller consists of tiny needles that can be applied all over the face to release acne scar tissue and cause rehealing, somewhat like a milder form of subcission. For a more effective microneedling treatment, please read on…

Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling by INFINI (Lutronic)


This treatment uses Fractional RF Microneedles, using a machine device that effects microneedling and delivers heat by radiofrequency, which can penetrate deeper than laser and improve stubborn resistant acne scarring.* It gives fractionated remodelling to the deep dermis and therefore also helps in skin tightening.* Usually 1-3 sessions are required.

It used to be that Radiofrequency in high energies cannot be delivered to the skin without causing a certain degree of epidermal damage or burn as it passes through the epidermis. However, this new technology INFINI makes use of microneedles to bypass the epidermis and reach the dermis directly so that the passage of energy is transmitted past the epidermal layer of the skin and gives selective heating of the dermis only. The needles that pass through the skin are insulated so that the epidermis layer is protected to minimise risks and side effects.

The result is that the deeper dermis, where the acne scars originate, is directly treated and effective remodelling of the acne scars is achieved.*

Price from SGD 852

Fractional CO2 Laser skin resurfacing

This is a cost effective acne scar treatment commonly known to most as Fraxel. We only use FDA approved, HSA approved eCO2 laser system by Lutronic, which delivers just the right energy to give results with minimum downtime.*

Tiny beams of laser penetrate beneath the acne scars all over the skin so that acne scar tissue contracts and new collagen regenerates, therefore resurfacing the scarred area to restore a smooth complexion. This may be associated with some pain, which is alleviated by our strong topical numbing cream before the procedure.

Downtime is approximately 1 week, with some redness and swelling in the first 2 days. Scabbing follows for the next 3 days, followed by a quick recovery. Results are clearly visible with every treatment after a month or so, and even more with a prescribed course of treatments.* In fact, improvement may be seen up to 6 months post treatment.* Treatments should be spaced at around 4 weeks apart for maximum benefit.*

It is a myth to assume that acne scars cannot be treated. The Reality is that it is never too late to start improving the appearance of your acne scars for greatly improved confidence. Desirable results are usually seen after multiple repeated sessions of treatment.*

Price from SGD 500

Possible Side Effects from Acne Scar Treatments

Sun protection and diligent post treatment skincare is very important to avoid post procedure hyperpigmentation. We adjust intensity of treatments to suit your skin type so as to minimise pigmentary changes that may be associated with aggressive treatment. Prophylactic abx may be recommended to pre-empt any possibility of infection. Downtime is usually from some bruising or redness or swelling, which takes a few days to a week to resolve. Results are visible from a month after treatment and acne scars may continue to improve up to 3 months after last treatment.*

For Stubborn Acne Scars

Do not think that there is only 1 treatment suitable for improving acne scars. With stubborn acne scars that resist standard laser treatment, these may improve with alternative treatments such as INFINI RF microneedling, TCA peels or subcission.* Most of the time, more than one treatment modality is necessary to achieve the best improvement of scars.* The best benefit may be achieved by combining a few of different treatments according to the acne scar types that you have, so keep an open mind when consulting with our doctors for the best regime for improving your acne scars.

For best results, we have combined our most effective acne scar treatments into the Comprehensive Acne Scar Package treatment.

*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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Post Fractional CO2 Laser / INFINI RF Microneedling Treatment Care Instructions for You – updated

  1. You may wash your face from the first day with a gentle cleanser (recommended: Tiffiny Yang Skincare Gentle Cleanser) for the first week. Pat dry lightly – do not rub. Do not use exfoliatives or cleansing brushes.
  1. Apply antibiotic cream (recommended: Foban/Fobancort) for first 3 days.
  1. After washing of face, use a regenerating moisturizing cream (recommended: TDF Quick Recovery Cream) twice a day to assist in speedy healing.
  1. Apply cooling masks (recommended: Cryoderm Face Mask) to reduce redness and calm down your skin.
  1. 20 minutes of red LED light therapy may also be applied right after treatment to reduce redness and speed up healing of your skin.
  1. Sunblock (at least SPF 50) may be applied from Day 2 of treatment and is very important in preventing post treatment hyperpigmentation. Avoid direct sun exposure for the first week.
  1. Mineral cosmetics can be used from Day 3 of treatment to cover any signs of recent treatment.
  1. Retin A products / AHA e.g. glycolic peel/ hydroquinone may be used from day 5 of treatment to prevent post treatment hyperpigmentation, depending on the doctor’s recommendation for your skin.
  1. DO NOT pick at scabs, as this can injure new skin.

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